Microsoft Live Support

Why does one want our Microsoft Live Support anyway? you would possibly be a business owner, a university student, a working professional or a homemaker. no matter be your line of labor, it’s not possible to measure while not computers. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are the center and soul of each business. it’s not possible to travel through faculty while not using Microsoft Word for your comes. If you’re a working skilled, you’re planning to have a tough time convincing your shoppers while not using Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. As a homemaker – each single image you’ve ever taken of your family, all the recipes you have got ever downloaded from the web, the bodyweight fitness videos that your ally gave you, are all keep on your home-computer, battery-powered by Microsoft Windows and insured on-line on Microsoft OneDrive.

Do you find a standard thread here? Computers and software build our lives easier and the majority of them are battery-powered by Microsoft. As such, what happens once you have a tangle with one in every of its products? That’s wherever we tend to are available in to the rescue.

In the 21st Century, Personal Computers are a part of your life and are a necessity, a bit like your automotive, house and really a lot of like your white goods. Not solely do your computers build your life easier, they’re essential to your life. If you’re thinking that concerning it, it’s arduous to form a living while not your pc. once you have all of your files keep on your pc, once you do all of your work on your pc, it’s clear that you simply ar dependent on your pc and you’re planning to have a tough time once you have a problem with it. once you have a problem with you car, you’ll a minimum of take your friend’s automotive or take associate Uber ride to figure. But, if you have got a problem along with your pc, your work day is completed for.

So what does one once the inevitable happens? decision a technician over to your place and wait 4 hours for him? Take your pc to the service place and stay up for your communicate speak to the technician? Have your bearded friend attempt to fix your computer? As a busy person, it doesn’t add up watching for somebody or motion to a service center to get your pc mounted. this might take up lots of it slow. And your bearded friend may really build things worse by making an attempt to repair your pc for you. however concerning having a trained, Microsoft certified professional fix your issues for you, in below half-hour, while not creating you stay up for quite thirty seconds? That’s precisely what we provide with our on-line Microsoft Live Support service and that we ar simply a click away.

Just like you have got a aid set up for once you may fall sick, wouldn’t it’s informed have a service set up for once you may need issues along with your computer? we provide you precisely that, a aid set up for your pc. you decide for our Microsoft Live Support annual package, pay the annual fee and that we lookout of any and each Microsoft related problem you face along with your pc for a complete year. pc too slow? Infected by virus? Unable to send emails through your Outlook? No problem. We’re simply a click away. 30 seconds, and a licensed Microsoft professional is with you to require care of your issues.

What do we offer?

With our Microsoft Live Support, we provide support for all of Microsoft’s products as a 3rd party. though all our professionals are certified for excellence by Microsoft, we tend to aren’t supported by Microsoft and additionally our services aren’t on behalf of Microsoft.

To avail our support for any of your Microsoft products, all you have got to try and do is click on the ‘Chat‘ button on your right and one in every of our representatives can walk you thru the whole method of getting your problem fixed. an expert can access your pc remotely to investigate and rectify the problem. All you would like is to own your pc connected to a decent internet connection.

If you’re here to unravel associate imperative issue along with your pc, you’ll opt for our per incident plan. If you’re here to shop for a support set up for your pc, you’ll select from our extremely cheap half-yearly and annual plans wherever we provide unlimited Microsoft live support throughout the amount. simply click on ‘Chat‘ to speak with a live person – we might be happy to assist.