Error 0x805050041 indicates that the integral mail application on Windows 10 isn’t syncing and connecting with the mail servers. There square measure numerous reason for this issue to occur all inform to property between the server and your system. If the problem is on your mail provider’s finish; then you’ll got to wait till they fix it however if it’s on your end then you’ll perform the few steps listed here to repair it which incorporates disabling the opposing virus, re-adding e-mail account and rebooting your router, beside a system file checker scan.

Personally, i’m not a devotee of the in-built application thanks to its restricted ability to produce details on errors as compared to Outlook, disembodied spirit & Windows Live Mail.

To troubleshoot the issue; proceed with the steps below.

Close the Mail app and disable your anti-virus and firewall briefly. Most antivirus applications are often disabled by destruction it’s discourse menu from the system receptacle. All you would like to try to to right click on and opt for the acceptable choice.
After it’s been disabled; strive re-syncing your mail. Click the synchronize icon on the mail app next to the simple microscope to push synchronize. If this fixes the problem, then uninstall and re-install your antivirus/firewall. the problem is possibly caused by your firewall application interference the affiliation from the mail app or to the e-mail server. Re-installing typically resets it. Some those that have had this issue conjointly required to modify to a unique anti-virus computer code. (Kaspersky to AVG) as an example. If you have got determined that this is often not caused by the Ab then strive re-adding your account.
Wait and see if that fixes the issue; if not then delete and re-add your account. To do that, Click the Settings wheel, then opt for “Accounts“, then click your Account from the list and opt for “Delete Account”
After the account has been deleted; Click the Settings wheel once more, opt for Accounts and so opt for Add Account. Then, re-add the account and check.
If, sadly, you discover that not even removing and so re-adding your email account to the Mail app fixes this issue or if the mail app is stuck while you are trying to get rid of the account, there’s only 1 path left for you to travel down – uninstall and so install the Mail app entirely. currently be warned, the Mail app is prepackaged with the Calendar app, therefore after you uninstall the Mail app, you’ll even be uninstalling the Calendar app. However, thankfully, after you install the Mail app, you’ll even be reinstalling the Calendar app. There square measure 2 other ways you’ll set about uninstalling the Mail app, however there’s only 1 approach that you simply will set about reinstalling it.

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